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Cleanwatts is an innovative technology player with deep domain expertise in designing, implementing and managing Renewable Energy Communities. With its suit of proprietary energy management software platforms is delivering the energy digitalization tools to empower energy community members, optimize the use of renewables assets and support grid managers. Its extensive energy optimisation knowledge actively contributes to the low carbon economy by providing energy consumers and utilities the tools for the digital transformation of the energy sector.


Expert on increasing energy efficiency and optimising load flexibility at both building level and energy community level. Its team of technology and energy experts has a strong track record of providing significant benefits to all stakeholders in the modern energy network, supporting energy savings, costs reduction and accelerating the decarbonization efforts of its clients.


Strong knowledge and experience in developing Internet of Things (IoT) and big data systems. Is developing hardware and software solutions, M2M communication platforms based on cloud and mobile applications for Commercial & Industrial clients, Energy Communities, Smart Cities and Utilities and Aggregators. Cleanwatts is developing the energy digitalisation tools and collaborative platforms to enhance the active role of the energy consumer in the energy systems of tomorrow.


A track record of more than 2.000 commercial and industrial clients (banks, hotels, industry, airports, hospitals, universities, retail, utilities and municipalities) spread along the 5 continents, managing over 2TWh with Cleanwatts’ high quality, value and reliable solutions.


The Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has pioneered in combining Technology and Business since 1969. LUT’s focus areas of research and education are Clean energy, Circular economy and Sustainable business and entrepreneurship. The strength of LUT’s clean energy research lies in the comprehensive, system-based approach in which energy transition research is intertwined with understanding the technologies and processes underlying the move to a circular economy and associated environmental and economic sustainability in systems management. 

The LUT School of Energy Systems (LES) is the largest energy research and education organization in Finland. There, more than 300 experts work every day in energy-related research and teaching, 80 of which have a Ph.D. In average, 185 Masters of Science in Technology and 30 doctors graduate every year. LES research is profiled as having a highly systems-based approach, in practice involving the entire energy value chain from fuels/resources, through generation/transmission/distribution and to the use of energy, including technologies, devices, market design, business models, policies, resource efficiency and sustainability. 

The LUT School of Business and Management (LBM) merges technology with business studies. Its focus lies on recognizing business ecosystems’ impact on sustainable value creation – enabled by new technologies and entrepreneurial spirit. LBM strives to create understanding of the factors that lead to sustainable value creation i.e of the approaches that enable growth, renewal and corporate internationalization, in a way that is both economically and environmentally sound. LBM foments the growth opportunities driven by new and digital technologies, such as API and blockchain integration of business processes, product technical data and IoT.

Relevant experience 

LUT’s research focuses on technologies and businesses linked to electricity distribution systems, wholesale and retail markets of electricity, and to the empowerment of customers in new energy markets. LUT is among the leading research institutions in the field, being is part of a knowledge network of international reach. Our collaborative partners are energy companies, trade associations, authorities and other research organizations. 

Some specific research areas include: 

  • Electricity market design; 

  • Assessment of the customer’s role in the evolving electricity market; 

  • ICT systems and power electronics in electricity distribution; 

  • Digital Business Ecosystem API and Blockchain integration in energy systems; 

  • Energy systems’ modeling and analysis; 

  • Various studies in Smart grids, including electric transportation and storage; 

  • Strategic development of electricity distribution networks; 

  • Economic regulation studies applied to the electricity distribution sector. 


Electric Corby is a Community Interest Company located in Corby, Northamptonshire. The company was formed in 2012 with the support of Corby Borough Council (a ‘Climate Local’ Signatory Authority), to meet three clear objectives for Corby.

  1. Establish Corby as a leading edge location for business. 

  1. Become the UK’s leading practical, community scale test centre for energy efficient living and low carbon transportation. 

  1. To redistribute the benefits of its labours to the Corby community.

As a result of our objectives, Electric Corby have been involved in a number of projects (including EU funded projects from FP7, H2020 and ERDF), such as building Zero Energy Bill homes, developing an electric car charging infrastructure, creating a Community Energy deal to rival more established providers and establishing a CleanTech Hub to promote and share new technology and ways of working for businesses interested in clean technology. We have also working as a demonstrator location for 2 other EU FP7 projects (CloudOpting and District of the Future). Additionally, Electric Corby also project managed the Corby Business Growth Programme (ERDF funded), which provided 300 business with support in and around Corby. 

Logo energia Simples-02.png

Simples Energía de España SL is an Iberian company created in June 2016 committed to think and market energy solutions to consumer, commercial and industrial applications. It makes use of its experienced and knowledgeable team in the energy sector, in both business and academic field, to develop and integrate both services and products that present a valuable proposal. The company belongs to PH Energia, a Portuguese retailer and aggregator. Since the beginning of its commercial activity, PH Energia has grown significantly from 11,8 GWh of the sold energy and 94 customers in May 2015 to 69 GWh and 19 562 clients in December 2017, holding the 7th place both in sold energy and number of customers. In 2017 the company entered the Natural Gas market. With an innovative, digital and straightforward approach to the customer service, based on openness and trust, offers one-to-one advice and support to every customer. The company also introduced market indexed tariffs, charging over the daily energy market price a transparent spread, in each month, to the domestic segment.

PH Energia, Lda is an electricity retailer company that is aimed to provide market energy solutions to consumer, commercial and industrial applications. It makes use of the experienced and knowledgeable team.

Through brand Energia Simples, PH Energia sells energy in the Portuguese market, residential, business and industrial sectors. With an innovative, digital and straightforward approach to the customer service, based on openness and trust, the company offers one-to-one advice and support to every customer. PH Energia also introduced market indexed tariffs, charging over the daily energy market price a transparent spread, in each month, to the domestic segment.

Fully committed to the environment and efficiency PH Energia invests in a push market strategy that looks forward to market micro-production centres using solar energy and technology that monitors and process information, proving efficient, economically and environmentally, in all segments.


Centro de Investigação em Energia REN - State Grid, S.A. (R&D NESTER) is an energy research centre belonging to the Portuguese Transmission System Operator REN (REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, SGPS, SA).

As an energy research Centre, our mission is to provide an international platform for knowledge, delivering innovative solutions to be applied into energy systems. R&D NESTER aims at providing new tools, strategies and processes well-tuned to the new energy paradigm and serving as a driving force towards more efficient and sustainable energy systems.

The main areas of activity are Power Systems Simulation, Renewable Energy Management, Smart Grid Technologies, Energy Markets and Economics, Power Systems Planning and Operation. For this purpose, R&D NESTER own and operates a real-time power systems simulation laboratory, ideal to leverage R&D NESTERs core competences through state-of-the-art technologies, enabling the simulation and testing of both power systems and communication networks, either in a stand-alone mode or by performing co-simulation.

R&D NESTER has been recognized by Portuguese government in the field of R&D for the technical-scientific knowledge domain of conception and development of energy grid innovative solutions. Since December 2015, R&D NESTER became a Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) certified company, in accordance with standard NP 4457:2007 and is also ISO Certified 9001/14001/18001.

R&D NESTER often participates in R&D and Innovation projects from several European institutions such as H2020, INTERREG or ESA.  

R&D NESTER is member of CIGRÉ (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) and EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) and is also an active member of several ETIP-SNET Working Groups since its inception.

R&D NESTER frequently publishes in international and recognized scientific journals and conferences in Europe, U.S. and Asia (e.g. IEEE or CIGRÉ) highlighting the advanced knowledge in our areas of activity. 

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